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MRO – Pub Company Tactics

Since the introduction of the Pubs Code in 2016 tied pub tenants, whose landlords own 500 or more tied pubs in England and Wales, have been able to request a market rent only (“MRO”) lease on the occurrence of certain “trigger events”. However, many tenants have faced...

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Beer and Pub Taxation

MPs in Westminster have raised their concerns about the impact beer duties and high business rates are having on local businesses. Ahead of next month’s budget, MPs have called on the government to cut the taxes levied on pubs and breweries, the costs of which have...

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PCA’s Regulatory Compliance Handbook

In November 2019 the PCA added a further chapter to the PCA’s Regulatory Compliance Handbook. This provides minimum standards with which a pub company must comply each time it offers an MRO proposal to a tied-tenant.

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PCA 2019 Tied-Tenant Survey

PCA 2019 Tied-Tenant Survey Towards the end of 2019 the PCA published a tied pub tenant survey which revealed tenant’s concerns with their pub company landlords. EI Group was the worst rated pub company landlord, with tied-tenants listing a number of issues including...

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