The Queen's Ground


Rob is advising the Queen’s Ground Hotel who are currently trading on a traditional tied Lease.

Following service of a Rent Review Notice by the pub owning business, the Tenant has served the MRO “trigger” Notice and the pub owning business have made an MRO offer.

The Tenants have rejected the MRO offer made as unacceptable and in breach of the principles of the Pubs Code.  The Tenants have asked the Pubs Code Adjudicator to determine if the terms of the offer are in breach of the Pubs Code.  The Tenants are of the opinion that the MRO agreement can be achieved by way of a Deed of Variation of the Tenant’s existing tied Lease, as opposed to the wholly new MRO Lease offered by the pub owning business, which contains numerous Lease terms that would result in the Tenant being substantially worse off than under the existing tied Lease.

The matter is currently before the Pubs Code Adjudicator.